Isaac Moody - Rodney Fickle

Isaac Moody has studied drama at Queensland University of Technology and has appeared in various stage productions and short films throughout South East Queensland. A fervid Actor, Rodney Fickle Online Athlete is Isaac’s first exploit into the realm of feature filmmaking; and what an exploit! Isaac has faced down the short format film projects of his past to dive head first into the role of Rodney Fickle. Driven by the creative opportunities provided throughout the creation of Rodney Fickle, Isaac is a new faced, slightly overweight, actor ready to bring humor and a spark of identification to the audience of Australian Cinema.

Past Projects: Beauty and the Beast, Spamalot, Curtains, Emerge 10 minute plays, Foto Media, 48 Film Festival, QUT Performance and the NIDA touring program.

Isaac Moody