Scott Dickson - Writer/Director

Scott Dickson is a 32 year old, first time filmmaker who has had a passion for movies since he was a child. Over the course of several years, Scott would spend time learning anything he could about filmmaking from anywhere possible. Picking up the occasional job shooting or editing corporate and event video helped Scott develop his technical knowledge.

Knowing that he wanted to tell a story, Scott dove headlong into the challenge of writing a feature film with the express purpose of producing it with a ‘one man crew’.

In early 2009 production on the film began and shooting lasted for fifty eight weekends over two years. The shoot was completed in May 2011 and post production kicked off and lasted for a further two years.

Post was completed in February 2013 and Rodney Fickle Online Athlete has gone on to have several extremely successful screenings. Scott now spends his time working in the television industry on various reality TV shows for both Australian and International audiences and is also currently in the planning phase on Rodney Fickle: MVP a six episode series telling the continued story of Rodney Fickle and his friends.