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We're at the end of the run for Rodney Fickle Online Athlete...

 A nearly ten year journey into the world of indie film making - something that ultimately turned out to be my film school. Lots of lessons learned and laughs had. We had great success with screenings and film festivals, interviews and audience reactions, better than I could have hoped for. We close this chapter of the world of Rodney Fickle as we move into the new year and kick off new bigger, funnier and more ambitious projects than ever before with the hope of doubling our successes and continuing to learn how to be a better storytellers. 

Thank you for those who followed our foray from it's very inception, and thanks to the folks that jumped on later to make the ride that much more enjoyable - you all rock! My love and thanks goes to the cast and crew and family and friends that all put their time and expertise into Rodney Fickle Online Athlete and allowed a fat man a chance to expand his field of interest to something outside sitting down and confectionery.

See you soon.


Isaac Moody - Rodney Fickle

Isaac Moody has studied drama at Queensland University of Technology and has appeared in various stage productions and short films throughout South East Queensland. A fervid Actor, Rodney Fickle Online Athlete is Isaac


Ben Williams - Dave Barrett

Ben sprung forth from parents highly regarded in Australian theatrical and film circles. He is a musician who spent several years in musical theatre and has also spent some time performing comedy in various capacities. Ben considers himself a contemporary/interpretive dancer ( but no one ...


Kane Sarota - Eric Millar

Born in Melbourne with a Polish heritage, Kane Sarota was preparing to study Architecture when he attended an audition with a friend for moral support. After much coercing, he auditioned and got the lead role in his school’s theatre restaurant.


Susie McCann - Marie Taylor

Before moving to Melbourne, Susie lived on the sunny Gold Coast where she ran her own studio and taught at schools in the areas of voice, keyboard and piano. Theatre credits include, WMTC’s ‘Dusty – the original Pop Diva’, ‘A sophisticated Evening of Cabaret at Beaumaris Theatre’, Grace Fa...


Ariana Dickson - Producer

Ariana has had a love of stories since childhood. Growing up her interest in stories expanded to cover a variety of different story formats including books, films, TV shows, comic books and video games. She has become ‘that’ person yelling at the TV, spoiling the end of a show by predictin...


Scott Dickson - Director

Scott Dickson is a 36 year old first time indie filmmaker, father and husband. With a passion for film Scott would spend several years learning anything that he could about filmmaking techniques from any source he could find; friends, performers, the internet, documentaries – anything.