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Kane Sarota - Eric Millar

Born in Melbourne with a Polish heritage, Kane Sarota was preparing to study Architecture when he attended an audition with a friend for moral support. After much coercing, he auditioned and got the lead role in his school’s theatre restaurant. Turning his world upside down, he then went on to one of the leads in ‘Sweet Charity’. 

This led to spending twelve months studying with Spotlight Theatre (1992) and then onto Queensland Screen Performance Academy (1995), The Actors Workshop (1996) and The Actors Centre (1997). With his quirky comedy timing he was invited to perform in a comedy show which led to being the main act in other comedy performances. 1997 gave birth to his first experience writing, producing and acting in his first short film for Tropfest ‘Local Legends’. 

He then landed lead roles in the stage production comedies ‘Pardon Me Prime Minister’ (2000) and ‘Dimboola’ (2001). He wrote, produced and acted in another short film, acting along-side Bill Hunter in ‘Pitching’ (2000). With acting for film being a large passion, he constantly received lead roles in short films where he was to express a broad range of emotions and characters from a blackmailed doctor in ‘Random’ to an estranged bartender caught in a love triangle in ‘Psycho Bob’. 

He had many appearances on the US TV cult series ‘Beastmaster’ (2001) and played an archaeologist who’s crew was being taken over by demons in an episode of ‘The Lost World’ (2001). In London he worked for a large independent film company Lucky 7 Productions and Bauer Martinez Studios (2003-2004). Working in the head office as a Production Assistant under the guidance of Producers Alan Latham and Phillippe Martinez he began script reporting to them. Nine films were made in his time there including ‘Modigliani’ with Andy Garcia and ‘Wake of Death’ with Jean Claude Van Damme. In 2005, he was the Producer’s Assistant on a Pacific Film and Television funded short film ‘Heads Up’ which went on winning five ‘Best Film’ awards. 

He was then given the reigns to produce and act in a QPIX funded short film ‘Humidity Rising’ (2006) which he was nominated for ‘Best Actor’ playing a dangerous drifter. ‘Humidity Rising’ went on to win two ‘Best Film; awards including the Best Independent Short Drama at the 21st Warner Roadshow Queensland New Filmmakers Awards. 

Going to L.A. after the success pitching the concept of his first feature film ‘The Harvester’, he was picked up until funding fell through at the last minute. It is still currently being developed by Shakane Productions. Playing a dirty hitman in ‘ICU’(2007) saw him secure the lead role in the yet to be released thriller ‘Sharmen’ (2009)
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