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Scott Dickson - Writer/Director

Scott Dickson is a 36 year old first time indie filmmaker, father and husband. With a passion for film Scott would spend several years learning anything that he could about filmmaking techniques from any source he could find; friends, performers, the internet, documentaries – anything. 

Scott’s first short horror film attempt ended in the accidental exposure of testicles (not his) during one of the shots. Years later Scott would rethink his approach to filmmaking after realising that accidental testicles may not ruin an entire film if that film was a comedy. After all, balls are kind of funny.

With this empowering thought in mind Scott embarked on the nine (ish) year journey that would be Rodney Fickle Online Athlete. Writing for the project took place in 2008 and production began in 2009 running for fifty eight weekends spread out over two years. 

Scott is currently developing a potential six episode mini-series follow up to Rodney Fickle Online Athlete as well as scripting a live action video game project entitled Daryl saves Daryl.

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